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Graphic/Motion Designer

Hey guys, it’s Nicole 🦋


I’m a Graphic Designer/Motion Designer with 3 years of industry experience. I am available for fully remote freelance work and currently design at TWBA/Media Arts Lab.


I’ve had the pleasure of working on a range of projects from social media content to online banners. Using my creative expertise, I ensure high-quality visual outputs that maintain brand consistency and integrity to create maximum impact.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Nottingham Trent University and hold a strong background in animating, editing, and refining content.


I love working both independently and collaboratively. I have also had the pleasure of working with UKF, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Apple and L’Oreal Paris to name a few.


My style is loud and playful and I enjoy putting my own unique spin on projects that have a bit more creative freedom.


SO… lets connect! 


Whether you're looking to elevate your brand's visual identity or bring your creative ideas to life through dynamic visuals, I would love to hear from you.


Feel free to drop me an email at ⬇️





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